Press Releases

Press Releases

・Name of “Logitter” SNS operation tool changed to “CLOUDPLAY” New features implemented from April, and content marketing support strengthened

・Complete renewal of the SNS operation management tool, “Logitter”

・Implementation of the “competition analysis feature” to the “Logitter” SNS implementation management tool, for comparing engagement on multiple social media with other companies
・Bic Camera officially opens its Facebook page!
・Release of the “User Analysis Function – Beta Version” to analyze Facebook and Twitter user engagement in late July

・All-in-one SNS tool, “Logitter,” offering the necessary features for SNS implementation and analysis aimed at companies utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
・SMM service for companies utilizing Twitter and SNS begun
・Complete renewal of the parking lot search site “net-parking mobile”
・Launch of “Nekoroku,” a mobile web site to track cats’ growth! ~Easily manage your beloved cat’s diet and health~

・ Launch of “Poiken Beta Version,” a first-in-Japan mobile

・For the first time in Japan, analysis on accessibility from iPhone, PSP®, and Nintendo DS is possible An access analysis tool that can conduct unified management of PC sites and mobile sites
・For the first time in Japan, web site reporting completed in one click ~ Graphing and access tallying created automatically in PowerPoint format ~
・For the first time in Japan, a cartoon character conducts automated web site consulting

・Global Links Japan forms a Japan-Korea work affiliation with IMC in the SEM field

・Yahoo! (YST) high-ranking specialized SEM service, “YST Upper” started
・Global Links Japan began an advertising campaign for its interconnected automatic tuning SEO service
・Global Links Japan began its “Smart Manage” convenience store payment system CMS & RSS Service

・Global Link Japan Began its “Keyword Mining” access log service

・First “Conversion Quality Assurance SEO” service in Japan begun
・First “Traffic Quality Assurance SEO” service in Japan begun